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Student Response System

LOR Lesson Presenter is equipped with to leverage mobile devices into a student response system to engage students and personalize the student learning experience.

Formative Assessment—Get It?

LLP is equipped with a remarkable virtual student response system called Get it? that is capable of working with Chromebook®, Apple® iOS, Android and other mobile devices for semi-automated, personalized learning.

Formative Assessment - Get it?™

Mobile Device Integration

Access SAFARI Montage Get it? from any mobile device with Internet connectivity, including Apple® iOS (iPhone® and iPad®) Android Platform, Windows® RT (Surface) and Windows® 8 devices and Chromebooks®.

SAFARI Montage Apple App Apple App Store

Get it? Results Reporting

Teachers can capture, review and export formative assessment results by student, class or course.

Get it? Results Page

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DCP Teacher

SAFARI Montage Digital Lesson Tools are easy for Teachers and Students to use from their iOS mobile devices, using the free SAFARI Montage® app. Chrombooks®, Android, Windows® 8 and Windows® RT (Surface) devices are also supported through the web browser and HTML5 player.

DCP Teacher

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For pricing and more information, call 800-843-4549 or email cs@safarimontage.com.