SAFARI Montage Top 12 Pro Tips for Back-to-School

1. Screen Share Playlists - Teachers can use screen share on Zoom, Teams and Meet to present SAFARI Montage Playlists to students at home.

2. Get it? - Teachers can create formative assessments with review playlists which can be used during remote instruction to assess comprehension and then personalize remediation.

3. LOR Cloud - The SAFARI Montage LOR Cloud makes it a snap for school districts to add high quality SAFARI Montage digital resources to their Learning Management System.

4. Organize Playlists by Course - The LOR Lesson Presenter makes sharing playlists created in the LOR district-wide simple and organized by Department and Course.

5. Chrome Browser Extension - The SAFARI Montage Chrome Browser Extension makes adding free open educational resources to the LOR super simple.

6. Microsoft® Immersive Reader - The embedded Immersive Reader feature automatically translates notes to students on playlists into virtually any language, which can be read aloud and presented to each student according to their preferences.

7. 250,000+ Key Concept Videos - Over 16,000 educational videos aligned to state standards are segmented into 250,000+ key concepts to assist teachers with video support in their lessons.

8. Curated Open Educational Resources - Over 69,000 curated Open Educational Resources help teachers find the best and most relevant free resources on the web.

9. Enhance LMS Lessons - Add rich educational resources from the LOR to enhance any LMS lesson, including Teams and Classroom.

10. Curriculum Equity - Shared playlists ensure that every student (with a device) in every school in the district has access to high-quality lessons from home.

11. Thin Common Cartridge Import - Use a lightning fast federated search of all educational publishers' course resources imported via the Thin Common Cartridge Standard.

12. View & Chat - Engage students remotely with onscreen chat while resources are being presented to the class.

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