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SAFARI Montage® Media Player

HTML5 Video Player NEW 6.1

New configurations support HTML5 video playback on desktops and mobile devices, Chromebooks® and Chrome without a plug-in! In conjunction with our new, higher performance content drives, it offers HMLT5 video playback of low, medium and high bit rate formats along with increased concurrent playback capacity — all without the need for a plug-in.

HTML5 player Requirements
  • SAFARI Montage Version 6.2 for 800/1,600k playback
  • FreeBSD 8.1 or higher OS drives
  • FreeBSD 9.1 or later for HLS and MPEG-DASH auto-conversion

Enhance your rich digital media to maximize its instructional value for different learners.

Developed specifically for K-12 educators, our media player maximizes the instructional benefits of multimedia by providing teachers with functionality not readily available in other players. Features include the smooth playback of playlists containing mixed media, consistency on all platforms and browsers, dynamic scrubbing through the video (making it easy to move to different areas of the video) and other features highlighted below.

Media Player
Media Player Resolution Control

Three Levels of Resolution Control

Administrators can set and manage default and maximum resolution by building, user type, location (home) or device type (mobile devices).
Low = 300 kbps; Med = 800 kbps; High = 1,600 kbps

Media Player Speed Control

Variable Speed Playback

Speeds up video playback (helpful for previewing), and slows down video and audio playback (ideal for certain special needs students and ELLs).

closed-captioning control


Turn closed-captioning on and off during playback.

Toggle from English to Spanish

Spanish Language Tracks

Dynamically switch from English to Spanish in mid-sentence for Schlessinger Media programs.

Media Player Doc Cam

Document & Web Camera Integration

The SAFARI Montage® system now auto-detects virtually any built-in or USB camera attached to the teacher's workstation.

Note: A SAFARI Montage Media Player plug-in is required for Web and Document Camera integration. Web Cam integration coming soon to HTML5 Player.

Media Player USB Camera Controls