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Basic Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)

Make the most of your investment by keeping your system up-to-date with the latest software updates, standards & correlations updates, and time-saving innovations for your teachers.

NEW! Recent SAFARI Montage Updates Available via Basic SUP Include:

Learning Object Repository (LOR) Enhancements

NEW 7.4.50 SAFARI Montage Chrome Browser Extension

Save any learning object weblink directly into the LOR in one click

  • Weblinks: Ingest any weblink, capturing URL, title and description (if available) and creating a thumbnail
  • Google Docs: Ingest any Google Docs document, presentation or spreadsheet as a weblink or as a file, capturing both PDF and Microsoft Office formats and auto-populating the title with the file name and creating a thumbnail.
  • YouTube: Ingest any YouTube link, creating an education friendly presentation and auto-capturing the title and copyright year, creating a description identifying the YouTube channel, and a thumbnail and placing this item in your Web Streaming Video search results tab.
  • Google Slides: Ingest any single Google Slide to auto-create a SAFARI Montage Slate, capturing the slide title and, if available, the slide content as the description.

NEW 7.4.50 Usage Highlights & Reports

Instant access to Usage Highlights and Reports by Schools, by Content Package and by Uploads

  • Dashboard access to visuals of key data & metrics, including total plays, logins, uploads, etc.
  • Quickly capture usage data for select time ranges, plus compare usages for the current and previous school years, district-wide and by school.

NEW 7.4.50 Refined Title Restriction Controls

New Admin settings provide better control over student access to titles

  • Restrict Student Access by Title by Grade
    • Note: Requires LOR Lesson Presenter license
  • Customize Grade Range setting for Packaged Content
  • Block Access to any Video Segment in Packaged Content
  • Bulk changes to various User Access Permissions by Title using Search Results

Video Streaming Library Additions

NEW 7.5 New Summer 2019 Content

Over 1,550 new videos from premier educational publishers, including Ancient Top 10 (A&E), Access 360° World Heritage (National Geographic), The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (PBS) & many more.

Note: Access to new content will require the purchase of new content drives, now in a high-quality adaptive bitrate format!

For a quote and more information, call 800-843-4549 or email cs@safarimontage.com