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Basic Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)

NEW! JULY 2017 Make the most of your investment by keeping your system up-to-date with the latest software updates, standards & correlations updates, and time-saving innovations for your teachers.

SAFARI Montage Version 7.1 Updates Available via Basic SUP Include:

NEW! Dashboard Customization

  • District admins can customize the new 7.0 dashboard by User Type and School
  • Assign the desired features to be displayed on Teachers’ & Students’ Dashboards
  • Customize the Portal Links page for Teachers & Students
  • Add custom icons & links to Dashboards and Portal Links page
  • Customize Live and Digital TV streams appearing on the Dashboard and Live & Digital TV pages

NEW! Playlist Auto Play

  • Users have the ability to auto play Playlists in the new Student and Teacher Presentation Views

Learning Object Repository (LOR) Enhancements

NEW! Blackboard Learn Integration (for Blackboard co-customers)

  • Single Sign-On Access to the SAFARI Montage LOR to search rich media to enhance Blackboard Learn lessons
  • Integrate LOR resources, including videos, images and interactive media, into Blackboard LMS lessons
  • Requires initial set-up by system admin and LOR or Interoperability Support Services (ISS) subscription and Blackboard Learn v9.1, version October 2014 and above.
    Integration with Blackboard’s Moodlerooms and Ultra coming soon

NEW! Clever Integration (for Clever co-customers)

  • One-click Access to SAFARI Montage from the Clever dashboard via Single Sign-On
  • Requires initial set-up by system admin and LOR or ISS subscription and Clever subscription

Video Streaming Library Enhancements*

NEW! CK–12 Foundation Weblinks

  • Over 19,000 high-quality free STEM resource links from CK–12
  • Concept-based OERs, including videos, Flexbooks, interactive simulations, animations, assessment activities and real world applications, for 5,000+ K–12 Math & Science concepts
  • Access requires an active Core Content Package license and LOR subscription or SUP

* Access to new content may require the purchase of a new content drive.

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