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SAFARI Montage® Version 5.x.x

Instructions for Upgrading SAFARI Montage Server to Version 5.x.x

Please read these instructions in their entirety before you begin:
  • These instructions apply to the following SAFARI Montage server models:
    • T-420
    • T-420A
    • T-440i
    • RM-640
    • RM-640x
    • RM-820
    • WAN-840
    • WAN-880x
    • WAN-1240
  • It is important to follow the steps outlined in these instructions for optimal performance of your SAFARI Montage server.
  • It is important that you review the SAFARI Montage 5.x.x Release Notes available online, as these may include Known Issues that you should understand before running the upgrade.
  • It is recommended that a backup of your SAFARI Montage server be performed prior to installing the new OS drive. When planning the server upgrade, allow time to perform this backup.
  • No one should use the SAFARI Montage System during the update process, so please perform this update during off-hours.
  • Please note that the images and screenshots used in the instructions may differ slightly depending on your version of SAFARI Montage.
  • Review any questions with Technical Support in advance. Please note that SAFARI Montage Technical Support is available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time and they may be contacted by telephone at 800-782-7230 or online via
Important Considerations:
  1. SAFARI Montage Media Player Deployment
    • We recommend you update all client computers to the current version of the SAFARI Montage Media Player prior to running the OS upgrade. Not doing so will result in all users receiving an alert upon logging in to SAFARI Montage instructing them to upgrade the player. Administrators can suppress this notification in the following location: ADMIN -> Settings -> System -> Alert to Install SAFARI Montage Media Player.
    • The latest version of the player is available for download at

RAM Installation Instructions:

Click on the server model being upgraded for RAM upgrade instructions.

OS Drive Installation Instructions:

For server model numbers T-420A, T-440i, T-640i, RM-820, and WAN-840 refer to the following instructions:

For server model numbers T-420, T-440X, RM-440X, RM-640, RM-640X, WAN-880X, and WAN-1240 refer to the following instructions:

For customers with server model WAN-1240 and receiving a single OS drive, refer to the following instructions: