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Microsoft Settlement Funds


As a result of a numerous class action lawsuits filed in the early 2000s, Microsoft Corporation agreed to provide vouchers to consumers and businesses in many states and the District of Columbia to purchase certain hardware and software products. However, comparatively few eligible consumers and businesses took steps to obtain the vouchers. Therefore, the states have been (or are expected to be) effectively holding millions of dollars of unclaimed funds. Under the terms of a "cy pres" provision in the settlement agreements, states can direct a portion of the settlement funds represented by unclaimed vouchers to certain schools to purchase hardware and software products. Every state may handle the vouchers differently and each has established its own procedures and criteria for how schools and/or school districts can claim the money, including dates by which vouchers must be redeemed in order to receive a share of the settlement funds.

Certain states (e.g. California) have specifically identified SAFARI Montage products as eligible for Microsoft cy pres settlement funding. SAFARI Montage products may be an eligible purchase for purposes of this funding in other states. The links below will direct you to information for those states known to still be allowed redemption of settlement vouchers. You may also contact your state's Department of Education to see if your school or district is eligible. The Settlement Administrator has a toll-free number, (888) 230-0363, available for school districts' contact personnel to get answers to additional Microsoft Settlement Cy Pres questions.

State Voucher Programs

  • California
  • Iowa
  • New York [Note: This link is to the original Microsoft settlement information page for New York. New York has not publicized the terms of its cy pres voucher program. It is recommended that you contact your state Department of Education directly.]
  • Wisconsin