A Learning Object Repository for Curriculum Equity

SAFARI Montage

The Foundation for a K–12 Digital Learning Environment

SAFARI Montage provides K–12 districts with an interoperable Learning Object Repository (LOR) designed for in person and remote engaged instruction, plus a Video Streaming Library and IPTV & Live Media Streaming.

The platform offers teachers and students equitable access to procured, created and curated educational digital resources and a place to search and manage learning objects and create playlists to feed an LMS and other enterprise systems. SAFARI Montage LOR Cloud offers all of refined features of the LOR without any need for hardware inside a school district.

The SAFARI Montage LOR is specifically designed for the curation of K–12 educational learning objects, including:

  • The SAFARI Montage Video Streaming Library which includes 16,000 videos carefully curated to meet the needs of a K–12 curriculum
  • 56,000+ Curated Free and Open Educational Resources
  • Courses and lesson learning objects from educational publishers (ingested via Thin Common Cartridge)
  • District created content, meta-tagged and aligned to standards
  • Teachers’ and students’ own created media
  • Live and recorded digital TV via SAFARI Montage IPTV & Live Media Streaming
  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud-hosted resources


2019 IMS Global Platinum Learning Impact Award Winner
Using Real-Time Data to Impact Instruction at Lee County Schools, FL