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The Dashboard & Portal

Intuitive, Feature-Rich and Easy to Use

The SAFARI Montage® user interface provides one-click classroom efficiency without intimidating teachers who may be technology-reluctant. Curriculum directors, teachers and students can quickly retrieve all of their digital resources through a single, personalized dashboard. The new SAFARI Montage dashboard features a simplified design and icon-based navigation

Dashboard Image

Customizable Dashboard

  • District admins can customize the dashboard by User Type and School
  • Assign the desired features to be displayed on Teachers’ & Students’ Dashboards
  • Customize the Portal Links page for Teachers & Students
  • Add custom icons & links to Dashboards and Portal Links page
  • Customize Live and Digital TV streams appearing on the Dashboard and Live & Digital TV pages

Recent Dashboard Enhancements

NEW 8.9 District admins can now customize the dashboard to allow users to focus on what matters most to them,
while still maintaining access to additional features via a new dashboard secondary menu.

customize dashboard

NEW 7.4 Improved Mobile Phone Dashboard Experience