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NEW 6.4

SAFARI Montage® Google Classroom Integration

LOR users can share SAFARI Montage titles, segments, playlists, and lessons directly to Google Classroom for use in Google Classroom Announcements, Assignments, and Questions.

SAFARI Montage—Google Classroom™ Integration Overview

Integration Enables:

  • One-Click Access to Google Classroom from SAFARI Montage Dashboard
  • Ability to Easily Share SAFARI Montage Resources to Google Classroom
  • Ability to Combine Learning Objects and Activities to create playlists and lessons to Support Personalized Learning

  • SAFARI Montage V.6.4 or greater
  • SAFARI Montage LOR or Interoperability Support Services
  • Google Apps for Education Account
  • Google Classroom Integration Activated by SAFARI Montage System Administrator

For more information, please contact cs@safarimontage.com

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