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SAFARI Montage Google Classroom Add-on

The new Google Classroom Add-On integration with the SAFARI Montage gives teachers the ability, while originating inside Classroom, to search all of the school district’s digital resources housed in their Learning Object Repository, without leaving Classroom. For districts using the SAFARI Montage LOR Lesson Presenter, the Add-On seamlessly connects teachers directly to their SAFARI Montage Courses, which houses their lesson playlists and more, directly from Google Classroom.

This premium enterprise Google Classroom integration with the SAFARI Montage LOR greatly saves time for teachers in finding digital lesson materials to use in their classrooms. Benefits include:

  • The ability to search, preview, and select SAFARI Montage learning objects & playlists for student assignments – without leaving Google Classroom
  • Streamlined access to SAFARI Montage LOR Lesson Presenter rostered class content, including courses, lessons and playlists, directly within Google Classroom
  • Dynamic, embedded playback of SAFARI Montage learning objects & playlists from inside Google Classroom

The latest Google Classroom Add-On integration with the SAFARI Montage is now available to Google for Education premium customers who also have a SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository license. These amazing new features are part of district-wide solutions that must be set up by your school district. Please contact your school or district network administrator to confirm availability.

Please contact SAFARI Montage at to schedule a demo or to learn more.