A Learning Object Repository for Curriculum Equity

NEW 8.0

LOR Lesson Presenter (LLP Module)

Manage playlist lessons with course scope and sequence tools equipped with course and class rostering via OneRoster

Organize playlists into district-created department folders

Enable collaboration amongst playlist lesson developers

Assign target standards to lessons for teachers

Provide district-approved full course scope & sequence and lesson resources

Supports Teacher customization of District Lessons

Offer easy dashboard access to courses

NEW 8.2 An attachment can now be added to each tier of an LLP course including a Course Plan, Unit Plan, Chapter Plan, and Lesson Plan.


  • SAFARI Montage LOR Lesson Presenter (LLP) subscription
  • SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR) subscription
  • SAFARI Montage v8.0 or greater

SAFARI Montage LOR Lesson Presenter (LLP) Purchase Information

For pricing and more information, call 800-843-4549 or email cs@safarimontage.com.