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IPTV Live Streaming Software Upgrade Plan

NOW AVAILABLE! The IPTV Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) ensures improved functionality and ongoing updates to support enterprise-wide live streaming

Recent IPTV and Live Streaming Enhancements:

New HTML5 Player Enhancements

  • Support for live video streams without the SAFARI Montage Media Player plug-in
  • Smart stream selection based on client device, browser and plug-in requirements

Selective Video Streaming Improvements

  • Supports correlated management of multicast & unicast formats for a single video source (MPEG-DASH, HLS, Multicast)
  • Support for mobile devices

Improved Universal Live Broadcaster Support

  • Reduced dependency on flash and plug-ins
  • Full, native HTML5-compatible playback
  • Live stream delivery to mobile devices, Chromebooks, and the latest Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers
  • Universal Live Broadcaster supports up to 10 streams in native resolution up to 1080p and serves up to 750 unique client viewers
  • Single Stream Universal Live Broadcaster — Cost-effective option to support single-stream live broadcasting in native resolution up to 1080p


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