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NEW 7.4

SAFARI Montage® Knovation® Enhanced Integration

SAFARI Montage and Knovation mutual clients now can have federated search access to Knovation's collection of 360,000 curated OERs and Free Resource weblinks from the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR) plus the ability to easily add these resources to playlists or integrate them within LMS lessons and activities.

Benefits of this enhanced Managed Embedded Integration include:

  • Embedded OER Search Results: Knovation OERs and Free Resource weblinks are now embedded in SAFARI Montage LOR search results in the appropriate format tabs, pre-sorted with the thousands of other digital resources available in the LOR.   
  • Thumbnails: All 360,000 Knovation OERs and Free Resource weblinks appear with thumbnails
  • Search by Standard: Over 100,000 standards aligned resources
  • Add to LMS: Users will be able to easily integrate all 360,000 Knovation OERs and weblinks within any LMS, including Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Blackboard, MoodleRooms and D2L
  • Managed Deadlinks: Broken or changed links to Knovation OERs and Free Resources weblinks are tightly managed and updated regularly through the LOR

SAFARI Montage—Microsoft OneDrive™ Integration Overview


  • Knovation subscription
  • SAFARI Montage v7.4 or greater
  • SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR) subscription

For more information, please contact cs@safarimontage.com