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Digital Lesson Tools

Digital Lesson Tools

The SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository is the home for all the school district's educational digital resources, capable of being leveraged for many purposes. One such purpose is to actually deliver instruction in the classroom. The LOR Lesson Presenter module provides the industry leading lesson tools for teachers to manage teaching in their classroom.

The Student Response System enables teacher-student communications for formative assessment, quizzing, live chatting on all displays and devices during video playback, and various assignment management tools.

What's more the LOR Lesson Presenter is fully integrated with your LMS (via LTI), Google Classroom (via Google account) and Student Information System (via OneRoster). These integrations dynamically enhance the value of all of these systems for teachers and students.

Digital Lesson Tools Include:

Classroom Lesson Presentation Tool

  • Auto thumbnails all learning objects
  • Teacher & Student experience designed for mobile devices
  • Bandwidth optimization tools
  • Classroom technology integration with Doc Cams, IWB, Projectors, Digital Cameras, etc.

Assignment Management

  • Assignment creation, dissemination, discussion & student submission
  • Dynamic student Assignment Calendar accessibe via desktop or mobile device
  • Dashboard notifications of Assignments and grades
  • Teachers can grade Assignments, view grading results and reassign an Assignment for resubmission by a student

Course & Lesson Builder

  • Simple enterprise-wide course & lesson creation & sharing
  • Lesson alignment with Common Core and State Standards
  • Supports teacher modification of lessons
  • Import Publisher's or LMS Lessons via IMS Common Cartidge® standard

Student Response System via Mobile Device

    Engage Students with:
  • Formative Assessment tool
  • Differentiated Instruction tool—Auto-Assign Remediation
  • Inquir-based learning tool via student-typed responses with editing tools
  • View & Chat tool for open Student-Teacher chatting on large & small screens


  • Interoperability Support Services via IMS Global standards (LTI®, Common Cartridge®, OneRoster) to support integration with LMSs, Digital Courses, Evaluation Software, SISs, IISs, Web-hosted Digital Resources and more
  • LDAP User Authentication
  • SIS Class integration via OneRoster
  • Educational Data Warehouse via .csv file
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