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    19 Individual Titles
    • 5 Things You Can Control
    • Change Your Mindset with These 8 Quotes
    • Conflict to Resolution in 4 Steps
    • Don’t Give Up! 3 Dudes Who Didn’t
    • Have Courage and Be Fearless
    • How to Change Your Mood
    • How to Set Goals: 4 Easy Steps
    • Kid Motivate: Don’t Hold Back
    • Kid Motivate: Prove Them Wrong
    • Know Your Emotions
    • Name that Character Trait
    • Practicing Gratitude
    • Put Some Effort Into Your Nice
    • Self-Esteem: How to Feel Awesome About Being You
    • Show Some Respect
    • Stop Making Excuses and Own Your Actions
    • Taking Initiative Is Cool
    • What Is Bullying: The Basics
    • What Is Character? Let’s Make It Easy