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Esports Video Links

  • Newsy

    4 Individual Titles
    • Collegiate Esports Teams Can Compete for Cash
    • Esports Is a More Promising Career Than Ever
    • How a College Esports Team Trains for Success
    • Rise of Collegiate Esports, The
  • North America Scholastic Esports Federation

    16 Individual Titles
    • Career Spotlight: Alex Tran
    • Career Spotlight: Anthony Saba
    • Career Spotlight: Dr. Amine Issa
    • Career Spotlight: Dr. Constance Steinkuehler
    • Career Spotlight: Dr. Jen Jen Chen
    • Career Spotlight: Dr. Mimi Ito
    • Career Spotlight: Tim Young
    • Career Spotlight: Ujesh Desai
    • Connections Between Esports + Traditional Sports!
    • Esports Pros from Immortals Gaming Club & LA Valiant Discuss the Importance of Healthy Habits
    • From Sports to Esports: A Look Inside the Anaheim Ducks!
    • Fuslie Speaks with NASEF About the Massive Growth in Gaming & Esports Careers
    • Fuslie Speaks with NASEF to Encourage Women in Gaming and Handling Toxic Trolls
    • High School Esports Club Spotlight: Samueli Academy
    • Imagine Learning from Esports!
    • NASEF Interviews Tyler Robbins from Twitch: Advice on Career Possibilities in Gaming and Esports
  • PlayVS

    7 Individual Titles
    • Esports in Education: Martha Layne Collins High School
    • Esports in Education: Mount de Sales Academy
    • Esports in Education: Ralph C. Mahar Regional High School
    • Esports in Education: The Woodstock Academy
    • Georgia Esports Coach Stories: Ashley Hodge, Colquitt County High School
    • Georgia Esports Coach Stories: Cooper van Rossum: The Mount Vernon School
    • Georgia Esports Coach Stories: Nancy Miller, Benedictine Military School