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Pulitzer Center Lesson Plan Links

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    25 Individual Titles
    • Analyzing North Koreans’ Flight to Freedom on the Underground Railroad
    • Analyzing the Impacts of Chronic Disease
    • Analyzing the Impacts of Climate Change on Cape Cod
    • Blackout Poetry for Thematic Connections to News and Literature
    • Captioning and Curating Photography
    • Climate Change and the Great Lakes: Identity and Home
    • Composing Photographs and Creating Exhibition Narratives
    • Conflict Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, The
    • Creating Individual and Collaborative Photojournalism Exhibits
    • Ending Epidemics: Strategies for Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases
    • Examining the Economics and Human Toll of Declining Industry
    • Exploring Media Representation and Bias in Photography
    • Exploring Portraiture as a Storytelling Tool
    • Exploring Youth Activism Against Plastic Pollution in the Amazon
    • Finding a Common Thread: How People Around the World Get Their Food
    • Finding Home: A Multimedia Exploration of Syrian Refugee Families
    • Finding Home: A Year in the Life of Syrian Refugee Families
    • Food Security and Hunger in the Age of Genetically Modified Crops
    • Geographies of the Mind: Mentally Mapping the Silk Road
    • Narratives of Native Nations: Indigenous Communities in the News
    • Practicing Photojournalism Skills
    • Six Tips for Strong Interviews
    • Sourcing Our Stuff: Exploring Ethics in Clothing, Accessories and Food
    • Telling Stories with Photographs
    • Using Oral History in Reporting