The Leading K-12 Curriculum Learning Object Repository

Digital Resources Curated by SAFARI Montage (2023)

  • 4-H

    5 Individual Titles
    • 4-H Inspires Kids to Do: Addy & Pearl
    • 4-H Inspires Kids to Do: Aja
    • 4-H Inspires Kids to Do: Andrew Boz Bosworth
    • 4-H Inspires Kids to Do: Dani Jo
    • 4-H Inspires Kids to Do: Mayyadah
  • AFRIKA Trends TV

    1 Individual Titles
    • Explore all Forts and Castles in Ghana

    7 Individual Titles
    • Active Listening: How to Communicate Effectively
    • Being Safe on the Internet
    • Different Kinds of Families
    • Gender Roles and Stereotypes
    • How to Be a Good Listener
    • What Is Social Anxiety?
    • What’s Gaslighting?
  • Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

    1 Individual Titles
    • History of the Angel Island Immigration Station
  • Annapolis Discovered

    1 Individual Titles
    • Celebrate Maryland History Day
  • AP Digital Products

    1 Individual Titles
    • Alzheimer’s Disease: Exploring the Brain
  • Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame

    3 Individual Titles
    • Dr. Edith Irby Jones: Medical Pioneer
    • Hattie Caraway: Political Trailblazer
    • Louise McPhetridge Thaden

    1 Individual Titles
    • Periodic Table Song, The
  • Associated Press

    2 Individual Titles
    • Chicago Segregation Lingers After 1919 Race Riot
    • In an Arkansas Town, Echoes of a Century-Old Massacre
  • Bank of America

    1 Individual Titles
    • What to Do If You’re the Victim of Identity Theft
  • BBC Ideas

    17 Individual Titles
    • Curious World of Blood, The
    • Extraordinary Life of Musical Genius Joseph Boulogne, The
    • Five Simple Strategies to Sharpen Your Critical Thinking
    • Forensic Science: An Insider’s Guide
    • Four Ways AI Can Help Tackle Climate Change
    • Girl Who Changed the World with an Acorn, The
    • How Fractals Can Help You Understand the Universe
    • How I Overcame Self-Harm
    • How Metaphors Shape the Way You See the World
    • Incredible Story of the Boy Who Invented Braille, The
    • Is Everything You Share Online 100% Accurate?
    • Maria Sibylla Merian: The Woman Who Changed Science Forever
    • String Theory: A Simple Way to Understand the Universe
    • What Exactly Is an Algorithm?
    • Why Algorithms Are Called Algorithms
    • Why the Sun Is Incredible
    • Why Vowels Are the Most Important Letters
  • Beard Squared

    1 Individual Titles
    • Midpoint Theorem, The
  • BESE

    3 Individual Titles
    • Hidden Figuras: How Mae Jemison Diversified Space
    • Hidden Figuras: Maria Tallchief
    • Hidden Figuras: Private Felix Longoria
  • Best Buy

    1 Individual Titles
    • Tech Tips: How to Create a Strong Password
  • Bill Fountain Jr.

    1 Individual Titles
    • Proof: Parallelogram with Congruent Diagonals Is a Rectangle
  • British Fashion Council

    2 Individual Titles
    • Discover the Craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen
    • Join Master Shoemaker Manolo Blahnik
  • Business Insider

    2 Individual Titles
    • How Horsepower Is Measured in Cars
    • Why Groundhogs Supposedly Predict the Weather on Groundhog Day
  • C-SPAN

    3 Individual Titles
    • Kamala Harris Is Sworn In as Vice President
    • National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman at Presidential Inauguration
    • President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.: 2021 Inaugural Address
  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

    2 Individual Titles
    • Orchestra Adventure, An: Brilliant Brass
    • Orchestra Adventure, An: Wondrous Woodwinds
  • CBC Arts

    2 Individual Titles
    • How to Pirouette
    • Why Still Life Art Was Disrespected, and How It Has Endured
  • CBS Sunday Morning

    11 Individual Titles
    • Almanac: Balto
    • Almanac: Globetrotting Journalist Nellie Bly
    • Almanac: The Strange Case of Typhoid Mary
    • Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann, The
    • Charles Curtis: The First Native American Vice President
    • Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady and Humanitarian
    • George Washington’s Later Years
    • Harriet Tubman’s Road to Freedom
    • Importance of Civics Lessons, The
    • Rube Goldberg: The Father of Inventions
    • Votes for Women: How the Suffragists Won
  • CBS This Morning

    1 Individual Titles
    • Impact of Rosenwald Schools on Education and How They Changed the Lives of Black Americans
  • Chamber Theatre Productions

    1 Individual Titles
    • Animated Biography of Edgar Allan Poe, An
  • Chocolate Milk & Donuts

    1 Individual Titles
    • Texas State Capitol in 360°, The
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    4 Individual Titles
    • Exercise Intensity
    • Gym Workout
    • Strength Training
    • Strength Training for Young Athletes

    1 Individual Titles
    • Logical Fallacies
  • Columbia Children’s Theatre

    1 Individual Titles
    • Theatre Etiquette: Columbia Childrens’ Theatre
  • Disability Rights New York

    1 Individual Titles
    • Unfashionable Hiring Practices
  • Disney Junior

    8 Individual Titles
    • Baby Giraffe
    • Baby Hippo
    • Hornbills
    • Meerkats
    • Naked Mole Rats
    • Seahorses
    • Sharks and Stingrays
    • Warthogs
  • Expedia

    2 Individual Titles
    • Paris Travel Guide
    • Quebec City Guide
  • Exploratorium

    1 Individual Titles
    • Science in the City: Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System
  • Expoza Travel

    5 Individual Titles
    • Cairo Travel Guide
    • Damascus, Syria
    • Memphis & Sakkara Travel Guide
    • Persepolis, Iran
    • Theben Travel Guide
  • Fidelity Investments

    1 Individual Titles
    • What’s Diversification?
  • Finley Holiday

    1 Individual Titles
    • Blue Ridge Parkway Tour
  • FlackCheck

    1 Individual Titles
    • How to Spot Fake News
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon

    1 Individual Titles
    • Life of Martha Washington, The
  • Google

    1 Individual Titles
    • Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities: ADA 25th Anniversary
  • Hello Miss V

    1 Individual Titles
    • Living and Non-Living Things
  • History Time

    1 Individual Titles
    • Hammurabi & the First Babylonian Empire
  • Illuminated Films

    5 Individual Titles
    • I See A Song by Eric Carle
    • Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle
    • The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
    • The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
  • Interesting Engineering

    1 Individual Titles
    • Amazing Engineering Behind Roller Coasters, The
  • Jaunt

    2 Individual Titles
    • Bashir’s Dream
    • Under the Canopy
  • JBA Trust

    1 Individual Titles
    • Wave Tank Demonstration Showing the Impact of Coastal Defenses on Flood Risk
  • Joel Speranza Math

    1 Individual Titles
    • Calculating Roots of a Complex Number Using De Moivre’s Theorem
  • Kids Academy

    1 Individual Titles
    • What Is a Syllable?
  • Kids Want to Know

    1 Individual Titles
    • Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?
  • Learning Without Tears

    2 Individual Titles
    • Get a Grip!
    • Keyboarding Without Tears Presents the Home Row
  • LEGO Education

    7 Individual Titles
    • Rebuild the World: Agriculture
    • Rebuild the World: Bee Rescue
    • Rebuild the World: Dance Technology
    • Rebuild the World: Food Video Production
    • Rebuild the World: Ocean Advocacy
    • Rebuild the World: Racing
    • Rebuild the World: Storytelling
  • Lincoln Learning Solutions

    1 Individual Titles
    • Introduction to Typing
  • Marbles the Brain Store

    3 Individual Titles
    • Tour the States
    • Tour the World
    • Trip to Outer Space: Learn the Planets
  • Miacademy Learning Channel

    16 Individual Titles
    • Closed Syllables
    • Compound Subjects and Predicates for Kids
    • Dictionary Skills: Finding a Word
    • Dictionary Skills: The Entry
    • Latin and Greek Root Words
    • Learn About the Consonant Blends Bl, Gl, Cl, Pl, Fl and Sl
    • Learn About the Consonant Blends Br, Cr, Fr, Gr, Pr, Dr and Tr
    • Learn About the Consonant Blends Ft, Mp, Nd and Nt
    • Learn About the Consonant Blends Sk, Sc, Sp and St
    • Open Syllables
    • Reference Materials
    • Syllables
    • Vowel Sounds
    • What Are Prefixes?
    • What Are Suffixes?
    • What Are Vowel Digraphs?
  • Morehead Planetarium & Science Center

    2 Individual Titles
    • Hidden Stories: Carlos J. Finlay
    • Hidden Stories: Dorothy Vaughan
  • Mylemarks

    6 Individual Titles
    • 5 Tips for Coping with Text Anxiety for Kids
    • All About Empathy for Kids
    • All About Social Skills for Kids
    • Anger Management for Kids
    • Coping with Grief for Kids
    • Stress Management Tips for Kids and Teens
  • Naomi O’Brien

    1 Individual Titles
    • CVC Words: Consonant Vowel Consonant: Blending Words
  • Nerdwriter1

    3 Individual Titles
    • Ansel Adams: Photography with Intention
    • How Emily Dickinson Writes a Poem
    • Masterpiece: The Making of Migrant Mother
  • Netflix Jr.

    31 Individual Titles
    • Alright, It’s White Song
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Caleb McLaughlin Reads ’’Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Common Reads ’’Let’s Talk About Race’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Grace Byers Reads ’’I Am Enough’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Jacqueline Woodson Reads ’’The Day You Begin’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Jill Scott Reads ’’Pretty Brown Face’’ and ’’Brown Boy Joy’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Karamo Brown Reads ’’I Am Perfectly Designed’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Lupita Nyong’o Reads ’’Sulwe’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Marley Dias Reads ’’We March’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Marsai Martin Reads ’’ABCs for Girls Like Me’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Misty Copeland Reads ’’Firebird’’
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Tiffany Haddish Reads ’’I Love My Hair!’’
    • Everybody Loves Oranges Song
    • Everything’s Pink Song
    • Let’s Wait for Yellow Song
    • Love Is Red Song
    • Meet the Apatosaurus
    • Meet the Stegosaurus
    • Meet the Triceratops
    • Meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Meet the Velociraptor
    • Sky Is Blue Song
    • Think Green Song
    • Wash Your Hands Song
    • What Are Lungs?
    • What Is a Brain?
    • What Is a Heart?
    • What Is a Skeleton?
    • What Is a Virus? Song
    • What Is the Digestive System?
    • When It’s Black Song
  • NetSmartz

    1 Individual Titles
    • Use Your NetSmartz! The Password Rap
  • New Mexico Historic Sites

    2 Individual Titles
    • Coronado and the Seven Cities of Cibola
    • What Is Archaeology?
  • NewsWise

    3 Individual Titles
    • Behind the Screens: Who Decides What I See Online?
    • Civix Explains: Disinformation
    • Civix Explains: Information Pollution
  • Newsy

    1 Individual Titles
    • Rise and Fall of American Labor Unions, The
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

    1 Individual Titles
    • Meet the Country’s First Female Doctor: Elizabeth Blackwell
  • Nine O’Clock Players

    13 Individual Titles
    • Acting Tips for Kids
    • Audition Process, The
    • Memorizing Your Lines
    • Moving Like Your Character
    • Overcoming Stage Fright
    • Stage Lighting
    • Theatre Audio
    • Theatre Costumes
    • Theatre Etiquette for Kids
    • Theatre Props
    • Theatre Sets
    • What a Choreographer Does
    • Writing Musicals

    1 Individual Titles
    • American Flag Facts, Etiquette and History
  • Norman Rockwell Museum

    2 Individual Titles
    • American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell
    • Freedom’s Legacy: A Conversation with Ruby Bridges Hall
  • Northeast Georgia History Center

    6 Individual Titles
    • Quick History: Abraham Lincoln
    • Quick History: Harriet Tubman
    • Quick History: Juliette Gordon Low
    • Quick History: Mississippian Cultures
    • Quick History: The French & Indian War
    • Quick History: The Lewis & Clark Expedition
  • Oklahoma Historical Society

    6 Individual Titles
    • Feeding an Army: Life at Fort Gibson
    • Feeding an Army: The History of Fort Gibson
    • History of Coal in Oklahoma: Early Days
    • History of Coal in Oklahoma: Hazardous Work
    • History of Coal in Oklahoma: J.J. McAlester
    • History of Coal in Oklahoma: Labor
  • OsiyoTV

    1 Individual Titles
    • Cherokee Almanac: State of Sequoyah
  • Owls Head Transportation Museum

    3 Individual Titles
    • Women Who Dare: Alice Ramsey
    • Women Who Dare: Bertha Benz
    • Women Who Dare: Harriet Quimby
  • PBS Kids

    28 Individual Titles
    • All About the Holidays: April Fools’ Day
    • All About the Holidays: Black History Month
    • All About the Holidays: Easter
    • All About the Holidays: Eid al-Adha
    • All About the Holidays: Father’s Day
    • All About the Holidays: Hanukkah
    • All About the Holidays: International Women’s Day
    • All About the Holidays: Kwanzaa
    • All About the Holidays: Labor Day
    • All About the Holidays: Mardi Gras
    • All About the Holidays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • All About the Holidays: Memorial Day
    • All About the Holidays: Mother’s Day
    • All About the Holidays: Passover
    • All About the Holidays: Patriot’s Day
    • All About the Holidays: Pi Day
    • All About the Holidays: Valentine’s Day
    • City Island: Architect
    • City Island: Art Museum
    • City Island: Celebration
    • City Island: Circus Beach
    • City Island: Point of View
    • City Island: President Watt
    • City Island: Retirement Home
    • City Island: Snow Day
    • City Island: Sportsmanship
    • City Island: The World
    • City Island: Town Hall
  • PBS Terra

    1 Individual Titles
    • Weathered: Disaster Preparedness 101
  • PBS Wisconsin Education

    4 Individual Titles
    • Chief Oshkosh: Leader in Troubled Times
    • Gaylord Nelson: A Vision for the Earth
    • Joe Bee Xiong: War to Peace
    • Walter Bresette: Treaty Rights and Sovereignty
  • Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

    4 Individual Titles
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Independence Hall: Beyond the Declaration
    • Lucretia Mott: Philadelphia’s Revolutionary
    • Plan for Pennsylvania, The
  • Planet Nutshell

    9 Individual Titles
    • Artsville: Audience Etiquette
    • Artsville: Elements of Art
    • Artsville: Elements of Composition
    • Artsville: Elements of Dance
    • Artsville: Elements of Drama
    • Artsville: Music Notes
    • Artsville: Musical Families
    • Artsville: The Doggie Art Show
    • Artsville: Vocal Parts
  • Reading Through History

    3 Individual Titles
    • Babe Ruth Biography
    • History Brief: Alfalfa Bill Murray
    • History Brief: Oklahoma Astronauts
  • Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium Brussels

    1 Individual Titles
    • Bruegel: The Fall of the Rebel Angels
  • Royal Opera House

    1 Individual Titles
    • Nutcracker in 360°, The
  • Royal Shakespeare Company

    1 Individual Titles
    • Henry V 360°
  • RSC Shakespeare Learning Zone

    10 Individual Titles
    • Text Detectives: Exploring a Duologue
    • Text Detectives: Exploring a Monologue
    • Text Detectives: Exploring a Rhetorical Speech
    • Text Detectives: Exploring a Soliloquy
    • Text Detectives: Exploring Scenes
    • Text Detectives: What Are Prose and Verse?
    • Text Detectives: What Are Rhyming Couplets?
    • Text Detectives: What Are Shared Lines?
    • Text Detectives: What Is Antithesis?
    • Text Detectives: What Is Iambic Pentameter?
  • SciShow Psych

    1 Individual Titles
    • When Does Your Brain Stop Developing?
  • Simon & Schuster

    3 Individual Titles
    • History in Five: Sally Ride: America’s First Woman in Space
    • History in Five: The Death of Julius Caesar
    • History in Five: Ulysses S. Grant
  • Snoopy

    11 Individual Titles
    • Snoopy: Public Speaking
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Charlie Brown’s Caring Tree
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Choose to Reuse
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Feel Better
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Find Your Voice
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Get Up and Grow
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Happy Harvesting
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Pass It Along
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Speak from the Heart
    • Take Care with Peanuts: Stick with It
    • Take Care with Peanuts: We Need Our Trees
  • Sony Pictures Animation

    1 Individual Titles
    • Hair Love
  • South Carolina State Parks

    3 Individual Titles
    • Charles Towne Landing: A Pint of Peas
    • Charles Towne Landing: Threads of Survival: Clothing in Carolina
    • Charles Towne Landing: Tools of Trade and Necessity
  • Studies Weekly

    5 Individual Titles
    • Ancient Japan
    • Florence Nightingale
    • History of Ancient China
    • Iroquois League of Nations, The
    • Prince Shotoku
  • Tech Vision

    1 Individual Titles
    • How It’s Built: Boeing 747
  • Technology for Teachers and Students

    15 Individual Titles
    • 3D Models and 3D Animation in PowerPoint
    • Beginner’s Guide to Apple Keynote
    • Beginner’s Guide to Google Drive for Mac: Backup and Sync Tutorial
    • Beginner’s Guide to Google Drive for Windows: Backup and Sync Tutorial
    • Beginner’s Guide to iMovie
    • Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Office Web Apps: Excel, PowerPoint & Word
    • Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook
    • Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Publisher
    • Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Word
    • Easily Create a Photo Slideshow in PowerPoint
    • Easy Screen Recording with Screencastify
    • Google Docs Tutorial
    • Google Slides Tutorial: Online Presentations
    • Loom Screencast Tool: Screen Recording Software
  • The Art Assignment

    3 Individual Titles
    • Case for Abstraction, The
    • Case for Impressionism, The
    • Case for Museums, The
  • The British Library

    1 Individual Titles
    • Short History of James Cook and His Voyages, A
  • The British Museum

    6 Individual Titles
    • Curator’s Corner: Killing Time During the Trojan War with Ajax and Achilles
    • Curator’s Corner: Truth and Lies: Heinrich Schliemann’s Excavations at Troy
    • Curator’s Corner: What’s the Meaning of Stonehenge?
    • How and Why the Trojan War Started
    • Mexican Day of the Dead, The
    • Scientific Research: Glossary of Terms
  • The History Guy

    1 Individual Titles
    • Nellie Tayloe Ross and the U.S. Mint
  • The Mindfulness Teacher

    11 Individual Titles
    • 1 Minute Classroom Timer: Waves
    • 10 Minute Classroom Timer: Waves
    • 20 Minute Classroom Timer: Lilypads
    • 30 Second Classroom Timer: Waves
    • 5 Minute Classroom Timer: Lilypads
    • Mindfulness for Children: Belly Breathing
    • Mindfulness for Children: Bubble Bounce
    • Mindfulness for Children: Rainbow Relaxation
    • Mindfulness for Children: Snowy Sensations
    • Mindfulness for Children: The Body Scanner
    • Mindfulness for Children: Thought Bubbles
  • The Oklahoman

    1 Individual Titles
    • Clara Luper
  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor

    1 Individual Titles
    • Rectangles: Properties of Parallelograms and Special Quadrilaterials
  • The Princeton Review

    2 Individual Titles
    • 3 Ways to Conquer Your Test Anxiety
    • How to De-Stress and Conquer Your Imposter Syndrome
  • The Touring Teacher

    10 Individual Titles
    • Victorian Era for Kids: Episode 1: Everyday Life
    • Victorian Era for Kids: Episode 2: Queen Victoria
    • Victorian Era for Kids: Episode 3: The Industrial Revolution
    • Victorian Era for Kids: Episode 4: Children at Work
    • Victorian Era for Kids: Episode 5: Victorian Schools
    • Victorian Era for Kids: Episode 6: Victorian Inventions
    • Vikings for Kids: Part 1: Vikings Overview
    • Vikings for Kids: Part 2: Origins of the Vikings
    • Vikings for Kids: Part 4: Viking Gods
    • Vikings for Kids: Part 5: Viking Facts
  • TIME

    8 Individual Titles
    • Minding the Gap: A Look at Income Inequality in the United States
    • The History You Didn’t Learn: Latinas in the Labor Movement
    • The History You Didn’t Learn: NYC’s School Boycott
    • The History You Didn’t Learn: The Full Story of Helen Keller
    • The History You Didn’t Learn: The Lavender Scare
    • The History You Didn’t Learn: The Overlooked Stories of America’s Black Wall Streets
    • Time 2019 Person of the Year: Greta Thunberg
    • What Happened to the American Labor Union?
  • Times Ticking

    1 Individual Titles
    • First Marine Chronometer, The
  • Travel and Discover

    1 Individual Titles
    • Verona, the City of Love: The Legend of Romeo and Juliet
  • USA Today

    1 Individual Titles
    • Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921: The Painful Past of ’’Black Wall Street’’
  • Video SparkNotes

    7 Individual Titles
    • Civilization vs. Savagery as a Theme in Lord of the Flies
    • Contrast as a Motif in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    • Historical and Social Context of The Crucible, The
    • Identity and Blackness as Themes in The Hate U Give
    • Reputation as a Theme in Pride and Prejudice
    • Shakespeare’s Life and Works
    • To Kill a Mockingbird and the Southern Gothic Tradition
  • Viking River Cruises

    1 Individual Titles
    • Leif Eriksson: The First European in North America
  • Virginia Museum of History & Culture

    1 Individual Titles
    • Regions of Virginia, The
  • Visit New Mexico

    1 Individual Titles
    • Taos Pueblo, New Mexico
  • Willie Doc

    1 Individual Titles
    • Willie
  • Wired

    3 Individual Titles
    • A World of Difference: Engineer Explains Every Roller Coaster for Every Thrill
    • A World of Difference: Every Bridge for Every Situation Explained by an Engineer
    • Duke Professor Explains the Limitations of the Human Body
  • Wordtune

    6 Individual Titles
    • 3 Simple Steps to Generate High-Quality Content Ideas Using AI
    • 5 Exercises to Improve Your Writing Skills
    • How to Read Faster Using AI
    • How to Write a Hook that Grabs Attention Using AI
    • How to Write Better Than AI and ChatGPT
    • Humanize Your AI Content in Under 5 Minutes
  • World Heritage Journey

    4 Individual Titles
    • Archaeological Site of Olympia
    • Chartres Cathedral
    • Decorated Caves of the Vezere Valley
    • Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg, Germany
  • Yahoo

    1 Individual Titles
    • 360 Video: Inside the Tomb of St. Peter at the Vatican
  • YourClassical MPR

    23 Individual Titles
    • Class Notes Opera: Lesson 1
    • Class Notes Opera: Lesson 2
    • Class Notes: A Look Inside the Score
    • Class Notes: Choosing the Right Instrument for You: The Brass Family
    • Class Notes: Choosing the Right Instrument for You: The Percussion Family
    • Class Notes: Choosing the Right Instrument for You: The Strings Family
    • Class Notes: Choosing the Right Instrument for You: The Woodwinds Family
    • Class Notes: Fast or Slow Means Tempo
    • Class Notes: How History Influences Music
    • Class Notes: How to Sing Well
    • Class Notes: Major and Minor: What’s the Difference?
    • Class Notes: Rests: Sometimes Music Is Silence
    • Class Notes: The Dream Songs Project: Guitar
    • Class Notes: What Does a Conductor Do?
    • Class Notes: What to Do at a Concert
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Concordia Wind Quintet: Bassoon
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Concordia Wind Quintet: Clarinet
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Concordia Wind Quintet: Flute
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Concordia Wind Quintet: French Horn
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Concordia Wind Quintet: Oboe
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Lux String Quartet: Cello
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Lux String Quartet: Viola
    • Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Lux String Quartet: Violin