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Library Video Company Completes the Acquisition of SAFARI Technologies’ Video Networking Division

Wynnewood, PA (March 1, 2005) - Today, Library Video Company, the leading distributor of educational VHS and DVD programs to schools nationwide, completed the purchase of SAFARI Technologies’ Video Networking Division. SAFARI Video Networks is the leading provider of video networking solutions for schools in the U.S. SAFARI Video Networks, a subsidiary of Library Video Company, will give schools the first truly open video network from which to select video content from scores of educational video publishers.

Library Video Company’s 20-year relationship with hundreds of the best educational video publishers in the industry will give educators a choice when selecting digitally delivered content to license the very best products for their teachers and curriculum.

Nick Strecker, Media Director of Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Mo., said, “The merger with Library Video Company could not have proven more timely as we may now begin to integrate their high-quality content onto our servers in our VIS [SAFARI Video Information System]. We look forward to continuing to move forward with providing the best tools of educational technology for our teachers and students, anchored by our SAFARI Video Information System and the content of Library Video Company.”

“The educational market has waited a long time for this, and we intend to provide the same high levels of service as we have in our VHS and DVD business,” said Andrew Schlessinger, President and CEO, Library Video Company. “While our commitment to our hard copy business has not wavered, we had to be responsive to our customers’ requests to be able to do real collection development with their digitally delivered video,” he added.

“SAFARI’s vision for the digital educational market was very much in sync with Library Video Company” said Tim Beekman, President of SAFARI Video Networks. He added, “I am thrilled to now be able to enhance our classroom visual presentation products with content from LVC and Schlessinger Media. Our multitude of video services is now matched by a vast array of educational video content from many publishers.”

About Library Video Company

Founded in 1985 by Andrew Schlessinger, Library Video Company is the leading distributor of educational video to schools and public libraries nationwide. The company stocks over 18,000 titles covering all subjects for all grades. Each program has been carefully reviewed and selected for content that is appropriate for the classroom and public library setting. In its 20th year, the company continues to be the forerunner in educational media distribution through its commitment to providing schools and libraries with new titles, new services and new product formats. Library Video Company supports the efforts of educators with the No Child Left Behind Act and has set the standard for efficient media collection management online.

About SAFARI Video Networks

Located in Lawton, MI, SAFARI Video Networks, a newly acquired subsidiary of Library Video Company, is the leading provider of video networking solutions for schools in the U.S. SAFARI’s leading product is a digital content system providing a single interface for all educational publishers and school created libraries; and a WAN (Wide Area Network) that delivers rich media resources from a central mass server to local school servers and then to the classroom PC, Apple computer or SAFARI set-top box. SAFARI also supports video conferencing, video security, video announcements, cable TV management, school bell management, and more.


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