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Library Video Company Signs the Exclusive Educational Digital Distribution Deal for Schools for The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century© on SAFARI Montage

Philadelphia (August 3, 2006) - Library Video Company, today announced the distribution of a comprehensive film clip library and record of the 20th century, owned by Sunrise Media, LLC — The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century© — on SAFARI Montage. SAFARI Montage, Library Video Company’s digital video-on-demand solution for schools and school districts, will have exclusive digital distribution to schools of The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century.

This exceptional video encyclopedia is a vast resource, representing 87 hours of primary source content and over 2,300 searchable segments that cover the people, events and issues responsible for shaping the years 1893-1990. Tied to the curriculum, historical footage highlights landmark moments as they happened, bringing social studies, science, history, foreign affairs, politics, inventions, the arts, pop culture, social trends and many other subjects to life. All footage is appropriate for grades 7-12 with many clips suitable for grades K-6. The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century is available to schools and public libraries from Library Video Company.

The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century is the definitive archival film clip database, which has always cried out for an easy way to search and access the content. SAFARI Montage is The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century’s new best friend,” said Andrew Schlessinger, CEO/President of Library Video Company.

“Today’s educators and students nationwide will now have easy access to our extensive database of history’s landmark moments on SAFARI Montage,” said Alvin Perlmutter, Founder and President of Sunrise Media, LLC. “No other archive of the 20th century captures the primary source film footage that makes The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century such a valuable and unique resource,” he added.

Teachers can search for specific clips, find relevant footage and incorporate this primary source content into playlists to supplement their lesson plans. This series is perfect for launching discussions when the teachable moment arises. The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century on SAFARI Montage provides district curriculum staff with plentiful ways to create vivid multimedia lesson plans that chronicle moments in history. Students will see and hear this century’s greatest orators, find themselves present among former world leaders and travel back in time to witness sights and experience eras unlike ever before.

Many of the clips capture original sound while others are unencumbered by added music, sound effects or commentary, thus presenting the events as they were recorded by film and television news cameras.

SAFARI Montage currently comes preloaded with one of three core content packages based on grade range (K-8, 9-12 or K-12). All core content packages come with more than 1,000 titles of the very best educational programs from the world’s most preeminent publishers.

SAFARI Montage provides schools with digital access to a wide range of choice content for their visual instruction needs. Students benefit from the curriculum-driven programs on SAFARI Montage because the packages are fully segmented and searchable, and the instruction can be tailored to classroom needs. Among SAFARI Montage’s most exciting features is the ability to add self-created content and “bookmark” particular segments for classroom use. Titles containing Teacher’s Guides have free viewable or downloadable guides.

SAFARI Montage is designed with extra bays to accommodate more quality programming. SAFARI Montage offers a more reliable alternative than streaming video over the Web, which degrades a school’s T1 bandwidth significantly. The SAFARI Montage solution is easy to install in a single school media center or computer room, or as a district-wide solution. All available content is indexed and is correlated to state curriculum standards so teachers can seamlessly integrate the content into their lesson plans.

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