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Library Video Company Launches a New Era for Educational Video Distribution with SAFARI Montage

Wynnewood, PA (May 23, 2005) - Today, Library Video Company, the leading distributor of educational video to schools nationwide, established a new era in educational video distribution, function and presentation with the introduction of SAFARI Montage.

SAFARI Montage is an affordable Video-on-Demand server that comes pre-loaded with 1,000 segmented and complete programs from the finest educational publishers in the world. With partnerships, such as the recently announced alliance with PBS and Boston public broadcasting producer WGBH, SAFARI Montage will provide schools with digital access to their choice of educational video content, including Ken Burns’ THE CIVIL WAR, CYBERCHASE and WGBH’s ARTHUR, NOVA, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, FRONTLINE and BETWEEN THE LIONS.

SAFARI Montage offers a more reliable alternative to streaming video over the Web which degrades a school’s T1 bandwidth significantly. Teachers will be able to “bookmark” particular segments for classroom use. The SAFARI Montage server is easy to install and will reside in the school media center or computer room, and it can be easily expanded to accommodate more programming and ultimately, self-created content. Additionally, this content will be indexed and correlated to state curriculum standards. SAFARI Montage is the first truly open digital video network designed for schools.

The introduction of SAFARI Montage gives Library Video Company another method for distributing its digital content to educators. Library Video Company’s relationships with over 600 suppliers will quickly provide SAFARI Montage with digital video from the finest educational video publishers. For the first time, educators will be able to choose the best educational content in each subject and grade level, and access it digitally, including the award-winning content from Schlessinger Media. The core-curricular programs from Schlessinger Media include HOLIDAYS FOR CHILDREN, THE WAY THINGS WORK, ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS FOR CHILDREN, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FOR CHILDREN, and many more.

“SAFARI Video Networks is committed to the principle of offering the educator a choice in the digital video content they want to see in their classrooms. We are proud to announce this truly historic product [SAFARI Montage], which allows for this choice,” said Andrew Schlessinger, President and CEO of Library Video Company. “Every school in the U.S. and Canada is going to want to have access to such exceptional programming,” he added.

“Educators are an absolutely essential audience for PBS, and we’re looking forward to both teachers and school library media specialists having unprecedented in-school access to our award-winning content through SAFARI Video Networks,” said Andrea Downing, vice president, PBS Consumer Products. “A recent Grunwald Associates survey showed that teachers pick PBS as their top classroom choice for TV content, and this agreement will help make it even easier for them to provide PBS resources to the nation’s students.”

“We are delighted to be working with Library Video Company and SAFARI Video Networks,” said David Bernstein, Vice President and General Manager of WGBH Enterprises. “Through this partnership and the technology developed by Library Video and SAFARI, WGBH’s award-winning programming and ancillary materials will be more broadly available to, and easily accessed by, the educational community and the students they serve.”

“The technology SAFARI has developed is designed to support the classroom educator,” said Tim Beekman, President of SAFARI Video Networks. He added, “Through SAFARI Montage, our mission to offer the educator choice has become a reality.”

About Library Video Company/SAFARI Video Networks

Founded in 1985 by Andrew Schlessinger, Library Video Company is the leading distributor of educational video to schools and public libraries nationwide. The Company stocks over 18,000 titles covering all subjects for all grades. Each program has been carefully reviewed and selected for content that is appropriate for the classroom and public library setting. In its 20th year, the Company continues to be the forerunner in educational media distribution through its commitment to providing schools and libraries with new titles, new services and new product formats. Library Video Company supports the efforts of educators with the No Child Left Behind Act and has set the standard for efficient media collection management online. SAFARI Video Networks, a newly acquired subsidiary of Library Video Company, is the leading provider of video networking solutions for education. SAFARI Video Networks offers schools a range of video networking products, including the first truly open digital video-on-demand system; video conferencing for distance education and professional development, school news, and security; local video creation uploading and many other products. SAFARI Video Networks will provide schools, districts and states with a choice of the best new video programs digitally from Library Video Company’s vast network of the finest educational video publishers and distributors, including the award-winning Schlessinger Media content library. More information is available at


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