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Wisconsin Schools Select SAFARI Montage WAN Manager for Their Video-on-Demand and Digital Media Management Solution

Philadelphia, PA (January 29, 2007) - Schools and districts across the state of Wisconsin have selected Library Video Company’s (LVC) SAFARI Montage WAN Manager, the award-winning, WAN-based, Video-on-Demand and digital media management solution. LaCrosse ISD, Appleton ASD, Milton Schools, and other Wisconsin schools are the first in the state to become users of this powerful and flexible VOD solution.

In addition to SAFARI Montage WAN Manager, these schools have also purchased CreationStation, with its easy-to-use, add-on software that enables the district to download content from the state, as well as upload, store and distribute original content.

These Wisconsin school districts join the growing number of major school districts across the country, such as Chicago Public Schools, Plano ISD, and Forsyth County Schools, who have selected SAFARI Montage for their Video-on-Demand needs.

A strong advocate of Video-on-Demand, Brandon Holt, Instructional Media Manager from the School District of La Crosse, was instrumental in implementing SAFARI Montage WAN Manager as its district wide area network solution for both VOD and digital rights management. According to Brandon, “Our school district couldn’t be more excited about the technology that SAFARI Montage WAN Manager offers. The delivery, permissions, digital rights management, content expirations management made this purchasing decision an easy one.”

Judy Owen, Program Leader of Media Services from Appleton ASD professes, “The unmatched content available on SAFARI Montage from such stellar producers was the overriding factor for choosing this solution for our district.”

“We are delighted that teachers are now equipped with the visual tools and content they need to enhance student learning in the classroom,” said John Holt, Network Administrator for the School District of Milton. “With CreationStation, we now have the ability to add content made available from the State of Wisconsin, as well as from our tech ed/multimedia classes, the high school’s public access channel and the athletic program.”

“We’re excited that these Wisconsin school districts realize the value of SAFARI Montage for its ease of use and visual clarity in the classroom, and we expect neighboring districts to come on board soon,” said Tim Beekman, President of SAFARI Video Networks (SVN).




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