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SAFARI Montage EdCast Network Introduced at NECC

State-wide Digital Media Management

Atlanta, GA (June 26, 2007) - Library Video Company announces at NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) in Atlanta, GA, SAFARI Montage EdCast Network — the most advanced state-wide digital media management network that enables edcastors and subscribers to share and transfer rich media resources throughout their state, Regional Media Centers (RMCs), state departments of education, museums, libraries, zoos and other school districts.

SAFARI Montage EdCast Network is enabled through SAFARI Montage WAN Manager – the only WAN-based, Video-On-Demand and digital media management solution for school districts and RMCs. EdCast Network is an IP-based, customizable network for participating educational and government institutions to manage, share and view various digital media types, including video. Enhancing the power of SAFARI Montage, EdCast Network transfers and receives high-quality digital video files automatically to any authorized recipient.

“The introduction of SAFARI Montage EdCast Network is very significant in that it provides a managed solution for sharing high-quality video over the Web,” said Tim Beekman, President, SAFARI Video Networks, a division of Library Video Company. “This product is perfect for states that are creating and licensing content they want to deliver to schools and districts.”

EdCast participants, such as state departments of education and RMCs, can make their high-quality video available to subscribers by “EdCasting” their content. Subscribers can include districts and RMCs in their region that are using SAFARI Montage WAN Manager for their VOD management. EdCast participants have the ability to manage the transfer of data appropriate bitrates, times and sizes, and control subscriber access to programs based on user type, expiration and permissions for downloading the content to a user’s desktop.

EdCast subscribers, such as districts and government agencies, can receive high-quality content from an EdCast participant. As a result, EdCast Network lets subscribers gain access to great educational digital content from museums, public libraries, educational TV stations and other educational resources.

About Library Video Company

Founded in 1985 by Andrew Schlessinger, Library Video Company (LVC) is the largest distributor of educational media to schools and libraries nationwide, and recently introduced SAFARI Montage. This award-winning, broadcast quality, Video-On-Demand solution for schools and districts comes preloaded with educational video titles from the industry’s leading video publishers, including LVC’s own award-winning Schlessinger Media library. SAFARI Montage WAN Manager — the only Wide Area Network Digital Media Management solution — provides maximum flexibility for a school district to control and manage all of their district’s digital video from a central location. This ground-breaking product gives school districts the ability to upload their own video content at the district level and easily disseminate it to all classrooms throughout the district. For more information about SAFARI Montage, go to

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