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Garland Independent School District Selects SAFARI Montage for Digital Video Technology Solution

Wynnewood, PA (October 24, 2008) - Garland Independent School District, Garland, TX (Garland ISD), awarded a 3-year digital video technology agreement for SAFARI Montage to equip all 68 of its school sites with a complete suite of SAFARI Montage products. The Garland ISD Wide Area Network model provides a state-of-the-art, enterprise Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management solution.

Over the past five years, Garland ISD has engineered and implemented solutions in the classroom that give the teacher the ability to engage digital learners. The Garland ISD Technology group envisioned a complete enterprise video system based on five essential elements:

1. Video Conferencing and Distance Learning (from any location to any location at any time)
2. Broadcast Live Media Content (to every classroom in the District via transcoders)
3. Digital Media Management, retrieval and distribution with digital rights management
4. Educational video content (on demand)

5. Ad hoc Video Production (at every campus in the District)

“Garland ISD considered proposals from 10 solution providers with the hope of finding a single proposal for all the requirements of our comprehensive video strategy. SAFARI Montage, in partnership with systems integrator, Pathway Communications, produced the only proposal that met every single requirement of the Garland ISD comprehensive digital video strategy. In fact, it exceeded expectations,” said Stan Maige, Director of Technology, Garland ISD. The 57,000 Garland ISD students will have access to the finest educational content available, including Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic and more. Garland ISD will also be able to easily upload and manage their own video content through CreationStation.

Jim Hysaw, Executive Administrator of Technology for Garland ISD, said, “I firmly believe that video will be the driving WAN application for Garland. The impact that video now has in the classroom will grow to be similar to the impact of the Internet on instruction. To maintain the attention of today’s digital learner requires interactivity with information. With all of the technology that Garland ISD has introduced into the classroom over the past five years, we needed to build a relationship with a company who had a cost-effective, end-to-end solution to meet our digital needs. That is why we chose SAFARI Montage.”

“We are excited that Garland ISD chose SAFARI Montage as its digital video enterprise management system for its ability to meet all of their visual needs as well as to deliver the best content. We’re pleased that the SAFARI Montage system can support one of the fastest, private, high-speed, district WANs in the country with all visual resources of any kind, including High Def. The district is now prepared to manage the upcoming switch to digital TV in February 2009,” said Tim Beekman, President of SAFARI Montage.

About SAFARI Montage

Library Video Company’s SAFARI Montage system is the award-winning, broadcast-quality, Video-On-Demand solution for school districts which comes preloaded with educational video titles from the industry’s leading video publishers, including Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Scholastic, Disney Education, BBC, Sesame Street and more. SAFARI Montage WAN Manager — the only Wide Area Network Digital Media Management solution — provides maximum flexibility for a school district to upload and manage all of their district’s digital video from a central location. This ground-breaking product gives school districts the ability to upload their own video content at the district level and easily disseminate it to all classrooms throughout the district.

About Garland Independent School District

With an enrollment of over 57,000 students, the Garland Independent School District is the second largest district in Dallas County and one of the largest districts in the state of Texas. The community maintains a “small town” feeling, yet our teachers have access to the increased resources that large districts offer.

About Pathway Communications Ltd.

Pathway Communications Ltd. has over 20 years of communications experience. Pathway has the unique ability to design a communication system that is built to its customers’ specifications.


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