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New Digital Lesson Plan Repository for K-12 Districts

Promethean and SAFARI Montage partner to create an easy-to-use system to align, store, share and backup instructional resources

Orlando, FL (January 13, 2010) - A new educational repository product announced today at the Florida Education Technology Conference enables K-12 teachers to easily create and store their digital lesson plans, as well as to align them to state standards and share them with other teachers in their district.

The product is the result of a new partnership between Promethean, a global leader in interactive education technology solutions, and SAFARI Montage, the leading Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management school district solution. Under the partnership, Promethean becomes the only interactive whiteboard provider with a digital media management solution that maximizes education technology investments. Educators who use Promethean's ActivClassroom will have the ability to seamlessly integrate media-rich SAFARI Montage resources into lesson plans and classroom activities.

Sarasota County Schools (FL) Director of Instructional Technology Joe Binswanger explains the benefits his district teachers will see: "Our teachers have extensively used SAFARI Montage's dynamic instructional 'videoetts' with their ActivBoards. Early in our work, Promethean and SAFARI Montage worked together to create a search capability that allowed our teachers to quickly find both flipcharts and videos in SAFARI Montage in one quick federated search. This ease of use gave our teachers quick access to fantastic instructional resources and the capability to share them. This partnership will again offer more great resources for our teachers and that's a win for all."

Jill Hobson, Director of Instructional Technology for Forsyth County School (GA), supports the advancement: "We were one of the first districts to go with a system-wide implementation of Promethean's ActivClassroom solution which cemented our belief in the need to move away from paper-based resources to digital content. One of our flagship resources is SAFARI Montage. Not only do our teachers absolutely love the high quality and vast assortment of videos available via SAFARI Montage, but ActivInspire makes it so easy to embed movies from SAFARI Montage as well as start and stop the movie whenever needed."

Research shows that by broadening the available resources and creating an integrated approach to use digital content in the ActivClassroom, teachers can more effectively address the academic needs of all students. In fact, a 2009 study conducted by Dr. Robert Marzano found that students taught with the Promethean ActivClassroom achieved 17 percentile points higher on average, than students taught by the same teacher, teaching the same content, using traditional methods. Dr. Marzano's research suggests that experienced teachers may expect even greater results and that the Promethean ActivClassroom is an effective tool for helping to accelerate student achievement. This study can be downloaded at

"The marriage of the interactive whiteboard and a digital media management and distribution solution yields dynamic benefits to the school district and teachers. We are proud that SAFARI Montage will be further integrated with ActivClassroom and offered to Promethean customers to enhance their use of Promethean ActivBoard," stated Andrew Schlessinger, CEO and Co-founder of SAFARI Montage.

"The ActivClassroom speaks to proven research about what works in the classroom – integrating the most proven and effective solutions with superior lesson design and delivery software into one seamless system," commented Mark Elliott, President of Promethean North America. "We will continue to build educational solutions and forge partnerships to provide teachers with options for addressing the needs of students worldwide."

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