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More Content Partners Join SAFARI Montage on New Package for Grades 9-12; Introducing Two More Premier Content Partners to SAFARI Montage's Leading Lineup of Educational Video Publishers - monterey media and Goldhil Educational

Wynnewood, PA (February 9, 2006) - Library Video Company, the leading distributor of educational video to schools and libraries nationwide, is now releasing a 9-12 Core Content Package, which joins the already released K-8 Core Content Package, on the revolutionary SAFARI Montage – an affordable, broadcast-quality, video-on-demand server for every school and library.

The K-8 and 9-12 Core Content packages each include more than 1,000 titles of the very best educational programs from the world’s most preeminent publishers.

monterey media and Goldhil Educational are the most recent award-winning educational video publishers to join the outstanding PBS, A&E Home Video, BBC Worldwide, Disney Educational Productions, National Geographic Digital Media, WGBH Boston, Scholastic, Sesame Street, Weston Woods and Schlessinger Media on SAFARI Montage.

“We are happy to announce the release of the 9-12 Core Content Package. This new package helps complete our mission to provide educators with the best digital video content from the finest educational video publishers. Now, with the K-8 and 9-12 Core Content packages on SAFARI Montage, educators will have access to the top educational programs that will help make it even easier to provide these resources to students in the classroom,” said Andrew Schlessinger, President/CEO of Library Video Company and SAFARI Video Networks. “Additionally, we are thrilled that monterey media and Goldhil Educational have joined the list of publishers that offer their outstanding programs on SAFARI Montage.”

“monterey media is delighted to be part of SAFARI’s wonderful content delivery system,” said Jere Rae-Mansfield, CFO of monterey media. “Making monterey’s quality programming available to educators has always been a priority for us, and we are pleased to be in the company of such other well-respected educational publishers.”

“We are delighted to be working with Library Video Company and SAFARI Video Networks,” said James Rena, general manager of Goldhil Educational. “Through this partnership, Goldhil Educational’s award-winning programs will be more broadly available to, and easily accessed by, the educational community and the students they serve.”

Schools will benefit from the programs in the Core Content packages on SAFARI Montage because they are fully segmented, searchable and available in Windows Media Player or QuickTime format. Titles containing Teacher’s Guides will have free viewable or downloadable guides. Curriculum correlations for all available State Standards will be made available via remote updates for customer convenience. The SAFARI Montage server is easy to install and will reside in the school media center or computer room. It is designed with extra bays to accommodate more programming, and one of the most exciting features available is the ability to add self-created content. SAFARI Montage is the first truly open digital video network designed for schools.

About Library Video Company/SAFARI Video Networks
Founded in 1985 by Andrew Schlessinger, Library Video Company is the leading distributor of educational video to schools and public libraries nationwide. The Company stocks more than 18,000 titles, which cover all subjects for all grades. Each program has been carefully reviewed and selected for content that is appropriate for the classroom and public library setting. In its 21st year, the Company continues to be the forerunner in educational media distribution through its commitment to providing schools and libraries with new titles, new services and new product formats. Library Video Company supports the efforts of educators with the No Child Left Behind Act, and has set the standard for efficient media collection management online. SAFARI Video Networks, a newly acquired subsidiary of Library Video Company, is the leading provider of video networking solutions for education. SAFARI Video Networks offers schools a range of video networking products, including the first truly open digital video-on-demand system; video conferencing for distance education and professional development, school news and security; local video creation uploading and many other products. SAFARI Video Networks will provide schools, districts and states with a choice of the best new video programs digitally from Library Video Company’s vast network of the finest educational video publishers and distributors, including the award-winning Schlessinger Media content library. More information is available at .

About Goldhil Educational - Goldhil Educational produces and distributes high quality educational programming. Their prestigious library includes the award-winning Standard Deviants programming, which has been highly acclaimed by educators for its core curricular value. Recommended by hundreds of teachers, Standard Deviants programming covers the most difficult of high school courses by cutting through the confusion with a clear and concise format, high-tech computer graphics and a fun approach to serious education. These programs teach the most difficult concepts with an added twist of humor. More information is available at

About monterey media – monterey’s versatile and award-winning video library encompasses a multitude of quality programming, including literary adaptations, poetry dramatizations and short stories adapted to film. Some of their many wonderful programs include the entire American Short Story Collection and the American Playhouse on Video Collection, one of the most prestigious and acclaimed productions in the history of public television. More information is available at

Other literary adaptations also available on SAFARI Montage include monterey’s CINE GOLDEN EAGLE award-winning program “O. Henry: A Life in Stories” as well as “Shakespeare’s Soliloquies,” “The Tell Tale Heart,” “A Journey in Verse,” “Gift of the Magi” and “The Last Leaf.”


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