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Access academically-relevant content on YouTube via SAFARI Montage for a safe student-viewing experience

All SAFARI Montage Core Content packages include links to educational YouTube videos, correlated to standards. SAFARI Montage also offers a Web Proxy service for districts that block YouTube, allowing admins to enable access only to approved YouTube content for teachers and students.

NEW 2021 YouTube Video Links

Over 2,300 total NEW free and open educational resources, including YouTube video links have been recently added. Highlights include:

Standards-Aligned Resources

All YouTube video links available via SAFARI Montage have been handpicked for their direct application to K–12 curriculum and correlated to academic standards. All YouTube links can be added to Playlists.

COPPA Compliance

Videos accessed via web proxy play in the SAFARI Montage embedded player without ads, comments and suggested videos that are visible when viewing on YouTube, ensuring online privacy protection for students. SAFARI Montage does not sell or market student data.

SAFARI Montage Web Proxy

Allows district to selectively approve YouTube videos while also enabling teachers to upload, share and add YouTube content to Playlists, creating a safe environment for student viewing.

Whitelist Approved Content

SAFARI Montage also offers solutions that work with district firewalls and content filters to enable teachers and students to gain access to approved YouTube content only.

"We are thrilled that we can now offer our teachers an easy way to use the educational content on YouTube, while keeping our students safe from objectionable content." — Barbara Nesbitt, Asst. Superintendent for Technology Services, School District of Pickens County, SC

     Web links are provided "as is" by SAFARI Montage to free and open educational resources owned or curated by independent third parties who do not endorse or sponsor SAFARI Montage and whose content is subject to their privacy practices and terms of use.